Where will your path take you?

You might be feeling like you're stuck on a path that was never your own.... It was set by your parents, your boss, your teachers, society, your company, your friends and other people who thought you should be doing something. But, it's never been yours... I can help you find your path.

Your Path to Purpose

It's Enough To Be On Your Way

By Richard Bucher
Using stories, practical tips and a road map, Richard Bucher guides you through a reflective conversation to the articulation of your purpose.
In this book you will discover:
  • WHAT you were conceived to do
  • WHAT your natural giftedness is
  • How to get out of your head and into your heart
  • WHAT the key pieces of your purpose are
  • WHAT your world needs you to do
If you are lost; if you have no idea what to do next or what you want to do; if you've been going from one job to another liking none of them; if you have no idea where to turn or how to figure it out, this book is for you!

About Richard

Richard is an experienced career management professional who will guide you to find your purpose. As a coach, he works with you to actualize your intended self in a manner that aligns with your vision and values. Richard's guidance is born out of his own personal journey combined with academic grounding in transition, career and talent management. He's been there. He has walked that same path that was set for him by others... and he felt that it wasn't enough so he created his own Path to Purpose
"I believe you indeed have a purpose, a calling. Mine is to help you find yours."
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